Our objective is to carefully select our partners in profit. We consider that one of the most important attributes is your desire to succeed. Success requires your commitment to listen and learn and make constant improvements in the way you operate your franchised business. We believe that a key element in our future success will be our willingness to reject applicants who do not meet our selection criteria. In choosing franchisees, preference will be given to applicants who:

  •     Are motivated and disciplined self-starters
  •     Have a high level of personal integrity
  •     Have the necessary capital to invest
  •     Will actively work in the business

You have already begun the process by visiting our website, now all you need to do is to take the next step by completing and submitting our on-line Inquiry Form below.

A summary of the major steps in our Franchisee Approval Process is outlined below:

Submit the Inquiry Form


Someone will contact you to have an initial discussion regarding the following:

  •     Explain the total level of investment and minimum cash requirement
  •    Determine your preferred location(s)
  •    Discuss your preferred location(s) and your time frame to opening
  •     * Provide you with a copy of our Franchise Application Report

The next step is for you to complete the Franchise Application Report and return it to us for our review. During this period, you are requested to refrain from discussing the business directly with any of our employees, our franchisees or their employees.

If the information provided in your Franchise Application Report meets our selection criteria your application will be formally approved and you will be provided with our standard Offer to Purchase Agreement.

You will confirm your interest by executing the Offer to Purchase Agreement and paying us a deposit of $5,000 which is fully refundable.

You will then be provided with a copy of the BestBite® Franchise Agreement and a copy of our Disclosure Document for your review and signature if you reside in Alberta or Ontario.

Following your due diligence, the Franchise Agreement is executed and you will pay the balance of the Initial Franchise Fee ($20,000 plus GST on the full amount of the Initial Franchise Fee).

You attend the three week Initial Training Program at our Corporate Headquarters in St. Paul, Alberta